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Extended OTT - Executive Summary

On our Extended OTT white paper, we lay out a new vision for OTT success. It is grounded in our innovative work for marquee customers who are committed to differentiated, break-through projects. This work has taken the Fuugo platform well beyond the conventional OTT playbook. We are pleased to share this new vision for Extended OTT.

In the first section, we'll outline the state of the $450 billion global TV market and the current climate for OTT initiatives. While OTT is growing fast, the market is nascent and challenging. We'll articulate why now is the right time to stake out new strategic ground in this rapidly evolving market.

Second, we'll define Extended OTT at a high-level, outlining five key elements to our vision. To illustrate those elements, we'll take a close look at Red Bull from the OTT angle. In retrospect, Red Bull’s historical march toward branded content dominance was filled with digital video, live events and OTT milestones. It serves as a fine example of an Extended OTT path.

In the fourth section, we'll outline the details of our Extended OTT vision. This will include a fresh look at content strategies:

  • a contrary viewpoint on the best way to get the widest distribution
  • a specific discussion about mixing live, linear, and VOD assets in new ways
  • an articulation of hybrid business models
  • a position on the importance of the video cloud – a key enabler for the Fuugo platform

We also share two customer case studies in this paper. One describes our work with a U.S.-based Pay TV Sports Network; the other describes a project with a major European Broadcaster.

In the last section, we'll outline the core value proposition, architecture and features of the Fuugo OTT platform. We invite you to learn why we believe it's the best foundation for long-term, sustainable video success.

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